incoming feature from @wojciech
Warm welcome to @dankclops.eth He will be joining the animators residency to help grow the Vrbs brand!
Shipped a growth page today 🚒 If DAO revenue goes up - so does your salary vrbs.build/vrbs/growth
Excited to announce - profile pages πŸš€ βœ“ Share your positive impact βœ“ Check salary and what you've earned for the DAO βœ“ View Farcaster updates in /vrbs See yours: vrbs.build/vrbs/profile
Any artists in residence want to help design a new PFP / banner for @vrbos or @vrbsbr??
main hypothesis onchain grassroots movements should be owned by the people building them and it's better to build together with mutual support than fighting for attention solo
Huge welcome to @herbertonic Newest animator in residence Check out some insane creativity here: https://giphy.com/herbertonic
Warm welcome to @snax.eth Let’s build 🫑
Massive welcome to @jessepollak New owner of Vrb 120 Vrbs is a local impact DAO. Make positive change in your neighborhood and earn. Excited to have you on board, let's build 🀝
Welcome @valesol01 to /vrbs Latest recipient of the "Help those in need" grant Feeding homeless stray dogs down in Costa Rica πŸ• 🌴
New feature! You can now claim your earnings Directly from the salary dropdown vrbs.build 🚒
Made it more intuitive to create a split Split onchain revenue with /vrbs and earn votes vrbs.build/vrbs/rewards?createSplit=true
Welcome @torii-stories to the Vrbs family! Tori is going to be helping to grow the Vrbs presence on Farcaster! In Tori's words
huge site upgrade coming today πŸš€
great convo with @torii-stories and @evanmann in Farhouse talked vrbs, solarpunk, local impact and more hoping to make this a regular thing going forward πŸ‘€
Any artists in residence want to help @coolbeans1r.eth with a banner for his new Youtube Channel? https://www.youtube.com/@solarpunkliving
Curious how the /vrbs grants program works? Made this video to explain
Met Gregory when I was giving out food this weekend, he was super appreciative of /vrbs for the meals and support He's trying to get money to fix up his bike tires. Told him we could help, stay tuned.
Welcome @joec and @sylviepixel to the Vrbs animators residency! excited to see what you create with us πŸš€
Check out an interview with @vetch about Camp Dost Vrbs funded part of the programming budget, helping give kids the summer they deserve https://paragraph.xyz/@vrbish/vrbish-003
James is improving public spaces with Vrbs First stop - mushrooms vrbs.build
Welcome @wideeyekarl @jamesmagee and @coolbeans1r.eth to the Local Impact grant program! They're going to be helping out folks in need, and improving local public spaces with gardens, plants and more!
I'm getting $50/mo to give out meals to the homeless with /vrbs First person I met, Henry. He appreciates all of you.
10 meals for the homeless as part of Vrbs local impact grant Giving them all out this weekend πŸš€
Want to improve your neighborhood? $500/month in grants, up for grabs πŸš€ βœ“ Feed the homeless βœ“ Clean up public spaces βœ“ Random acts of kindness βœ“ Community artwork vrbs.build/vrbs/opportunities
fun lil guy today vrb 111 joins the ranks of the animated
/farkitchen x /vrbs πŸ‘€ h/t @dalresin
Vrbs artists in residence! Creativity needed 🀟 - New Twitter banner for @vrbs - Spaces illustration Reply below if you can help us out!
Animators residency has an open spot πŸš€ Tag the best animator you know
New features πŸ’‘ βœ“ Trending and recent casts βœ“ Your place in Vrbs - salary card vrbs.build πŸš€
What's happening in Vrbs? Now automatically shared to the homepage vrbs.build πŸš€
creativity from the artists in residence is mind blowing so far vrbs.build πŸš€
we should start a meme residency program for the best meme creator to create vrbs memes every day tag the best memelord you know πŸ‘‡
Welcome @maszakap and @jkgobe Our two new pixel artists in residence!
creds @wojciech new "Post update" button to easily share progress on your grants application now live
Grants program is sight to behold Streaming funds to 25+ people on @base already - join us πŸš€
New updates βœ“ Voting power in user menu βœ“ Salary stream showing in header πŸš€
Welcome @pawthereum and @myk to the Vrbs grants program!
New updates βœ“ Show grants builders βœ“ Application process finalized βœ“ Improved grant management
Nearest onchain terminal by farel.eth
Have some new opportunities live πŸš€ Tag any do-gooders, animators, illustrators or street artists who might be interested in applying vrbs.build/vrbs/opportunities
the vrbs purpose paraphrased from @4156
grants gaining momentum πŸš€ vrbs.build/vrbs/grants
saved up enough $ to buy a Vrb yesterday wrote this as my acceptance manifesto
Pushed up some site speed improvements πŸš€ Working to make it even faster with @wojciech
Grants program USDC streaming just started
Grant opportunities launching soon Find a place to help the DAO grow, get paid every second
first Vrb that funds a charity love to see it vrbs.build
Just launched - builder updates Post an update about a grant on Farcaster, it shows up on Vrbs.Build Featured on homepage and each grant page πŸš€
updates from farc showing on vrbs.build we cook πŸ‘¨β€πŸ³
First update from the Protocol Team Deployed MVP of grants @ vrbs.build/vrbs/grants #thatsmeta
What's happening in Vrbs? Now you know, on the homepage. vrbs.build
nearly finished w/grants program contracts πŸ‘€ get paid immediately to build with Vrbs
chicken joe has landed
Cup Of Vrb has launched β˜•οΈ Every Vrb, on a cup of coffee. Proceeds split with artists and /vrbs cupofvrb.com
Vrbs Grants πŸͺ earn a continuous stream of votes and ETH what will you build?
Collab with Yellow Collective Earn ETH and voting power for creating /yellow traits Best gets a Collective Noun vrbs.build/vrbs/contests/8453/0x9f2352067a4d8564f1ece89a2c7dbc141755feba
Vrb Wars by @littlebirth πŸš€
Based /vrbs contest #2 is live πŸš€ Design a #based movie poster, win ETH http://vrbs.build/vrbs/contests/8453/0x5b47e7dd20669932f1b5c5901f14ce0332c42ce9
New splits page up for builders πŸš€ Cup of Vrb is selling coffee cups featuring Vrbs Artwork, and splitting proceeds with the treasury and Vrbs artists Artists will earn votes in the DAO for all coffee cups sold https://vrbs.build/vrbs/splits/0x8a76898416076667d37591dEa4EB1CEDd176c942
Tomes by @auryn is a beaut vrbs.build
Let's run a series of contests to build the Vrbs meme machineπŸ’‘ Any ideas? - vrbie memes - #based memes - animated gifs - ????
based Vrbs to bring 1000 creators onchain https://vrbs.build/vrbs/contests/8453/0x6dc7c3de5d9c6dd25fb93cc0569be57ec80f018b Creators earn ETH and voting power
Introducing Vrbs πŸš€ Dropped an article that lays out the vision and thinking behind Vrbs and the revolution we're building together mirror.xyz/rocketman21.eth/9uJnUU7scfHIS7t_3lp_BltoxoKlRKkZCaWC1mV4aLI
We're making Vrbs DAO short films The first step? Creating a Vrb for @jessepollak The end result? A series of short films to bring more creators onchain on @base vrbs.build πŸš€ πŸ«‚
Launching contests soon Each contest builds on the next
Introducing Vrbs Splits πŸš€ Split onchain revenue with the treasury. Earn votes. vrbs.build/vrbs/splits πŸ«‚
For every free mint of the Vrbs Mosaic All artists receive a split of ETH and Voting Power in /vrbs https://zora.co/collect/base:0x8ae8ddee18e35c1aea6a456539e7d9aac4f092b4/1 πŸš€
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